Hodl or Sell?

HODL, or not HODL, that is the question William Shakespeare would ask today in a modern Hamlet. Get the answer if you should sell your cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin or just HODL on for Dear Life.

The answer is easy


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HODL or Sell?

HODL, or not HODL, that is the question William Shakespeare would ask today in a modern Hamlet. And we've seen the same questions here everyday: should I sell, should I HODL, what will the price do? And everytime you recieve the same answers: HODL on for Dear Life. This only good Bitcoin advice is know four years old today.

What does "HODL" mean?

HODL is a misspelling of HOLD and asks bitcoin users to not sell their stuff, even if the price is just rising. This term became very popular in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world. Whenever a person says in a talk that he/she is hodling or suggests to hodl, it means that they believe their coin will be profitable in the future.

Where does the word "HODL" come from?

The word "HODL" first emerged on 18 december 2013 on the Bitcoin talk forum and came from a member named GameKyuubi under the thread “I AM HODLING”. If you go through the post more closely you might think that the author was drunk. He wanted to wanted to convey the fact that he was holding his BTC despite the serious fall that had just happened.
So basically, "HODL" was originally a typo which has become a inherent part of the cryptocurrency world.

How can i HODL?

If you want to HODL you need some coins. There are some exchanges like or where you can buy coins to HODL them.

How to HODL the right way?

If you want to store and HODL Bitcoin (BTC), Stellar Lumens (XLM), NEO (NEO) & other Cryptocurrency secure for a long-term, then you should definitely order a hardware wallet like Ledger Wallet S.

Further Popular Terms every cryptocurrency day traders must know

If you are new to the cryptocurrency space, you have probably seen some other jargons that you don’t know about. Here is a short reference dictionary for some common crypto-terms:


What does FOMO mean?

"FOMO" is the short form for "Fear of missing out" and means the fear of missing out on the profit which might result from an investment or a decision. Because crypto trading is still very much driven by emotions rather than valuation, FOMO is a huge factor to consider when swing trading in crypto.


What does ATH mean?

ATH is the short form for "All time high" and means that the price of a certain cryptocurrency or coin has broken all of its past records. At this time it is trading at the highest price it has ever achieved.


What does LAMBO mean?

What everyone gets after their first investment, a LAMBO.


What does BULLISH mean?

BULLISH is an expectation that price is going to increase (positive price movement).


What does WHALE mean?

A WHALE is a trader with a big account who has a substantial amount of capital, usually one who is bullish (he thinks the market will rise) on the price of any specific cryptocurrency. WHALES are often the market movers for small alt-coins too due to their huge capital.


What does TO THE MOON mean?

TO THE MOON describes an extreme bullish movement of a coin (continuous upward movement of price). For example, you could say: Stellar Lumens to the moon, Ripple to the moon OR Tron to the moon.